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  • Experiential Marketing

    A few years ago, I read an article about ‘experiential marketing,’ a term used for the type of marketing that has proven to be highly effective at engaging people and recruiting them to use whatever product was being sold. Creative Gorilla Marketing explains, that “while traditional advertising (radio, print, television) verbally and visually communic...

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  • Life Lessons from Playoff Hockey

    In hockey, everyone is responsible for playing his position but only the goalie must primarily prevent the other team from putting the puck in the net. When the opposing team scores too many goals, the goalie may get pulled and replaced. If the opposing team is shutout and scores no goals, the goalie is praised. Goalies, like specialists, are hired to perf...

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  • We’re Changing Everything

    We’re the generation that broke the mold, quite literally. There were just so many of us and society has been figuring out what to do with all of us since. In an article by Laura Contensen, The New Age of a Much Older  Age, she points out the need for society to keep moving in a direction of change and yet again, Boomers are leading the way. The NIA...

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  • Spring Cleaning

    Spring is a great time to wipe away the salt and grime of winter’s remains. Spring symbolizes new life, new growth and the anticipation of a warmer season. Spring is akin to lightness – think daffodils and warm rain. Taking inventory is a good idea for spring, purging unused items in storage and making lists of items that need repairing. Profe...

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  • Remotely Concerned, Part 3: Accessibility

    The questions and concerns we address most when talking to folks about working at home are remote concerns. Questions like: Isn’t face time important? Can remote workers be as productive as in-office employees? How will I access what I need from the central office?   The last posts addressed the first two concerns and we have dedicated this blog...

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