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  • Work-from-Home Playlist

    Back in April, we wrote about one of the primary benefits of working remotely: the autonomy to “Own Your Office Space.” As a pretiree working from home, you can control the entire sensory experience: the sights, smells … and, of course, the sounds. Some wahves celebrate music as one of the best remote working perks. Judy says, “My favorite part [of wo...

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  • WAHVE for Good: Volunteering

    Corporate volunteer programs have been around for quite some time — whether it’s prepping Thanksgiving dinner at a shelter, picking up trash on the side of the street, or doing some community landscaping with your coworkers, volunteering has been proven to boost company-wide morale and improve employee performance. There are endless worthy volunteering o...

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  • Rejoice, Productive Powerhouses!

    Resounding evidence proves what wahves have known all along. TINYpulse, an employee engagement firm, has released a survey entitled, “What Leaders Need to Know about Remote Workers.” Here’s one attention-grabbing statistic: “An overwhelming 91% of respondents say they’re more productive and believe they ‘get more work done’ when working remotely.”...

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  • InVEST in Your Future: Share on Facebook!

    An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.  – Benjamin Franklin Tomorrow’s insurance industry requires an investment in the education of youth today. And that’s why a new partnership between WAHVE and InVEST is so perfect! WAHVE is launching a cool and exciting Facebook campaign to highlight the importance of replenishing our beloved indu...

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