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  • A Change of Office View

    Working remotely while having the flexibility to travel is a reward of being a wahve. Whether you’re a snowbird with a winter home in Florida, spend part of the year visiting family in another state, or have planned a working vacation, here are four tips for traveling wahves. Working remotely while having the flexibility to travel is a reward of being a w...

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  • No, I Don’t Work in My Pajamas

    When I tell someone I work from home they inevitably remark, “Oh, you get to work in your pajamas!” Yes, I work from home, and, no, I don’t work in my pajamas. As I transitioned from being a 9 to 5 agency account manager working in a cubicle to a wahve working from my home office, I maintained the mindset that I am doing the same job, but ju...

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  • 5 Items: The Remote Worker Toolkit

    We all remember sitting down at our very first office space. Perhaps Human Resources left you a bare desk, computer monitor, and a phone, cords mangled under your desks. Maybe you brought a plant, desk calendar, or a family photo with you to jazz it up. Either way, the tools you needed to do the job were prescribed to you. However, one of the many luxuries...

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  • Words to Work by

    We all have scribbled-on post-it notes with words that inspire, or random pieces of paper with sayings that reinvigorate our attitude. People naturally gravitate toward motivational quotes because they provide perspective. “Quotes are cheesy!” you might say. Right, sometimes they’re a little over-the-top. But having a few go-to words to fuel your workda...

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  • Owning your Office Space

    One of the primary benefits of working remotely is that you are not bound to a specific place. You’re free from staring at an unfortunate green paint color all day or sniffing the odd mixture of lunch hour smells that are creeping from the office kitchen. You, wahver, get the rare opportunity to create the perfect productivity hub where you will work at y...

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