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  • Being a WAHVE

    Have you been curious about what it means to become a WAHVE? The entire “work at home vintage employee” is a new concept and because of that, we’d love to introduce you to one of our “WAHVES.” Judy explains how WAHVE has transformed her retirement into a productive, joyful and worthwhile “pretirement” experience. Listen to what she has to say! Being...

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  • Family Holiday Visits: Tips for Grandparents

    There is a Welsh saying: “Perfect love does not come along until the first grandchild.” I find one of the great things about flexible work is taking extended visits to my grandchildren (and my children, too, of course). It gives that exciting, quality time that is only possible by being with the next generations. Family dynamics and the ability to spend ...

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  • Disconnect: Tech Chasm Among Older Adults

    There are technology haves and have-nots among older adults. That’s the key finding from the 2014 Pew Research Internet Project’s “Older Adults and Technology Use” survey, which defines “older adults” as ages 65 and up. Noted Pew’s most recent research: “Two different groups of older Americans emerge. The first group (which leans toward younger, mo...

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  • Seniors, Aging and Language

    Anyone who knows me knows I believe that we need new language to describe work, retirement and aging. I use the term “pretirement” to indicate an evolving stage of work during which people want to continue working in their life’s profession, but with more flexibility. Words matter. And the language isn’t quite catching up with reality. A 2014 survey b...

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  • States of Retirement

    Actor/comedian Jerry Seinfeld told a joke in his standup act: “My parents didn’t want to move to Florida, but they turned 60 and that’s the law.” For sure, because of lower costs and warmer weather, for many years a lot of northern natives moved south in retirement. Now other states are gaining in popularity. Bankrate.com released its annual ...

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