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  • Easy on the Eyes

    As a wahver, you have the power to create a space where you can be most productive. Whether at home or your local coffee shop, you can establish your most ideal work environment. There’s no “weekend catch-up” cubicle chatter to distract you, no impromptu birthday cake to indulge in, no water cooler gossip to participate in. Because there aren’t as many...

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  • The Benefits of Hiring an Expert

    Have you been curious about the benefits of hiring a work at home vintage expert? Bailey M. Battle wrote to us to share her WAHVE success story. Bailey explains how her wahve, Denise, has helped her staff and agency succeed. Here’s what she has to say: I wanted you all to know how amazing Denise has been. Not only is she smart and quick as a whip (picke...

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  • Remote Personality

    One of the more common misconceptions about working remotely is that it’s best suited for introverted people (meaning those who prefer to minimize their contact with other people and feel more energized when they have plenty of alone time). This misconception would also assume that extroverts would struggle in a work-from-home environment. But is there a ...

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  • Writing for Yourself

    Back in 1823, a French Romantic artist named Eugene Delacroix wrote: “Nothing is better than having some small task to perform every day. Even one task fulfilled at regular intervals in a man’s life can bring order into his life as a whole; everything else hinges upon it. By keeping a record of my experiences I live my life twice over. The past returns t...

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  • Reverse Mentoring: What it is and how you can benefit from it

    In 2014, we brought you the story of Nancy Werner, a WAHVE worker who once mentored a young underwriter and had the pleasure of watching this person share his experience with the next generation. It became a positive chain reaction, inspired and initiated by Nancy’s words of encouragement. This is a prime example of a WAHVE narrative we are proud to hear ...

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