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  • Memorable New Year Wishes for 2014!

    “Cherish all your happy moments; they make a fine cushion for old age.” – Christopher Morley, American writer Here it is: 2014! Happy new year to you and yours. WAHVE is entering its fourth year. Like that bouncing baby, we’re full of vim, vigor and vitality. We’re buoyed by our past but we’re so eager about the future. Yes, all of us at WAHVE a...

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  • Are Web Designers Taking Vintage Population for Granted?

    If you think that some of the websites you’re visiting don’t fit your needs as a vintage American, you’re not alone. A recent article in MediaPost noted that: “20% of the 55 and older group feel sites are designed for people their age.” That’s a problem in and of itself – but web design that’s ignorant of seniors is simply lacking business savvy. T...

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  • Top Marketer Says War for Talent Misses the Point

    “We ought to be having a war for attitude.” Seth Godin, one of America’s top bloggers and marketing thinkers, says that recruiters enlisted in the “war for talent” are mostly just “filling slots.” Godin opines that talent is less important than attitude: “An organization filled with honest, motivated, connected, eager, learning, experimenting, ethi...

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  • A.M. Best TV: Restless Insurance Workers Reinventing Retirement

    A WAHVE client and the wahve who works for his agency were featured in a recent video report on A.M. Best TV, produced by the insurance rating agency and news service. The video feature looked at how a remote worker gets the job done for a New York City independent agency. Working remotely is the next best thing to working in an agency – maybe better in s...

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  • Age-firmative Action? Employers Find Stregnths of Older Workers

    The CEO of an East Coast food company likes older workers. It’s no wonder: He’s 82 himself. But there are other reasons too: – “Fewer absences, fewer mistakes, a greater ability to solve problems and a willingness to put in more hours.” – “They’re loaded with knowledge. They can teach the young whippersnappers.” – “ThereR...

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